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Welcome to the world of Polydi, where fun and MATHEMATICS triumph equally.

12 sided PolydiPolydi™ can be utilized to play many enjoyable games. Several of which give children opportunities to develop their math abilities and strategic thinking skills. Our goal was to create a toy that would provide both enjoyment and educational value. Fortunately, we have succeeded.

Our philosophy is that playing Polydi™ games is significantly more fun than studying flash cards or studying in workbooks. Don't get us wrong, we do believe that flash cards and workbooks are tried and true learning tools. Including Polydi™ math games in a students study regimen is an additional method to help students improve the retention, recall speed, and automaticity of math facts.

One of the many fascinating aspects of Polydi™ is that our children can now practice arithmetic facts without realizing that they are actually studying. When children enjoy what they are doing, they will proceed with that activity for longer periods of time. Subsequently as students play math games they will benefit as they “play and learn” for extended periods. The longer they play, the greater level of memorization may occur.

Math is an essential aspect of many of our games. However, we also have many activities that are not educationally based. You can learn more about our various game options from the following links:

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Polydi help children retain arithmetic facts through a fun based repetition process. Players will learn number values, addition, subtraction, multiplication and strategic thinking skills.  With a strong foundation of primary math skills, children will learn to excel in other areas as well.  With the help of parents and teachers, Polydi can be a tool used in association with your schools math curriculum.


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