Games of Skill with Polydi
Cat Crossing Rope

Card Chaos™ - This game requires a good spin and a steady hand.  If you master the technique, you can do some really cool card tricks.

Spin to Win Time Challenge– Although the rules are simple to understand, it is NOT always simple to break the record. See how long you can spin your Polydi.

Spin Them All Challenge– Try to spin several Polydi at one time. When one falls, the game is over. See how many Polydi you can have spinning at one time.

Edge the Ledge - It is not as easy as you think to control where your spinning Polydi™ will stop. Start your spin on the counter or table and see how close you can come to landing on the edge and NOT fall off.

Controlled Spin Challenge- If you think you have control of your Polydi, you may want to give this challenge a try. Keep in mind, the better you get, the harder the game becomes. Keep making your target smaller if you want to become a true game master.

Polydi Roundup – You will need to roll your Polydi across a hard surface such as the floor. They are not simply rolling the dice for a quick random roll. You will need to roll for distance and accuracy.

Polydi Roller– Polydi Roller is another game that tests your accuracy when rolling a Polydi™ across a surface such as a floor. When you read the directions it may sound a bit complicated at first. But if you take the time to set the game up properly (and read the rules carefully) you will find that the game is really fun. I love aiming at the targets and bumping other players Polydi out of the way. It’s fun making them crash as you try to gain more points.

Polydi Tower of Power(single player game) – The tower of power game requires a very steady hand. If you are shaky, your tower will fall for sure.

Slide with Pride Polydi Challenge - This game is more of an arts & crafts or construction project than an actual game. If you like being creative and building things, this is the challenge for you.

Game Piece Tapper- this game requires Polydi Game Pieces.  You will need a steady hand and a good tap if you wish to be successful at this game.

Keep in mind that the Math Games also require skills.

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Skilled Cat

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