Challenge Games of Polydi - These games are FUN, but you need to know a little math...

Braincase POLYDI BRAWLER - you need a few kids to play this one.  Well, at least two...

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Polydi Brawler Rules

  • Level 1: Highest score wins. Yes, it is that simple.

  • Level 2 (our Favorite Level) : You need earn more strength points before winning a duel.

  • Level 3: Make it harder for your challenger to earn strength points. They must subtract your strength first.

  • Level 4: On this level, players roll TWO Polydi at one time. If you do not know multiplication, back off. Come back when you are older.

  • Level 5: Roll THREE Polydi at one time. Sorry, beginners are not welcome in this game. If you have mastered the earlier levels, give it a try.


Bulldog POLYDI 2000™ you will need to use STRATEGY if you want to win.
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Polydi 2000 Rules

  • Level 1 (our Favorite Level) : Roll as many times as you want, but BEWARE of the dangers. Don’t push your luck too far…

  • Level 2: More challenging version.

  • Level 3: Much more challenging version.

  • Level 4: Much, much more challenging version.

  • Level 5: Much, much, much more challenging version.

Fire Game button Challenge, Run, or Hide™ - this game is a bit of an adventure.  In this game, you will rely on the attributes of your Polydi to help you win duels.  You and your Polydi will have the opportunity to face your opponent head on, or you can try to capture them as you run or hide.

Fire Game button Race to Win - Wow, this game is tons of fun.  When you reach level three, you may be slowed down in the middle of the race.  If you are good at addition, you should not be slowed too badly.  Good luck in the race.

Fire Game button Polydi 1.0™ - This game is good for beginners.  The rules are not too complicated.  The coolest part is that if you role the Polydi Symbol, you gain a big advantage over your competitors.  However, if they beat you while you have the advantage, they can win more than one of the Polydi.

Fire Game button Polydi Attribute Challenge- This game has some similarities to the Polydi 1.0 game, but this game is a bit more complex.  The attribute challenge is exciting because the power of the Polydi that you are using comes into play.  You should select your team wisely.

Fire Game button Polydi Value Hunter™ – Can you reach a higher number then your friends? Let’s roll your Polydi and find out. The more Polydi you use, the harder the game becomes. Can you handle using more?

Fire Game button Polydi Roller™ - this game is super fun. Sure, when you read the directions it may sound a bit complicated. But if you take the time to set the game up (the proper way), you will find that the game is really fun. I love aiming at the targets and bumping other players Polydi out of the way. It’s fun watching them crash.

Fire Game button Lucky Seven Low Score Challenge™- This game is a game of chance. For the most part, if you do well it was “luck”. Take a chance and see how lucky you are today. All you have to do is roll a number 7 three times. Well, you better read the rules. We have put in a few tricks to make it more difficult for you.

Fire Game button Only One Polydi™- This game is another way to play Polydi Brawler™. Basically, this shows you how to play with Polydi Game Pieces, rocks, marbles, or anything else just in case you do not own enough Polydi. You do need at least one Polydi. But one should be enough if you cannot get more. By the way, if you want more Polydi, you may want to beg your mom or dad for more. Maybe that will convince them to buy you more.

Fire Game button Polydi Dislikes™ - this game can be fun if everyone agrees to the challenges. However, this game can go horribly wrong if you do not play nicely. Our suggestion is to only attempt this one with your parents supervision. If you do not find this game to be fun, just move onto a different game (we have plenty of other choices).

Fire Game button Polydi Higher or Lower (Pre-K & Kindergarten) - The Polydi Higher or Lower™ Game helps young players learn number values.  For example, they learn that the number 7 is higher then number 4.  The game also helps children learn the difference between left and right.


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Challenge Games are challenging games...  And yes, these games do include a bit of math.

Don’t be scared !!! Just because math is involved, it does NOT mean these games are boring.  These games are tons of fun.