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Each player starts with 5 Polydi.

Roll a NUMBER: that is your score.  Write it down.  Next players turn.

Roll a MINUS: put one Polydi in the cage. Roll again.

Roll a PLUS: add 1 point to your score. Take one Polydi out of cage. Roll again.

Roll a Polydi Symbol: get 1 Polydi from each player. Take 1 Polydi out of cage. Roll again.

21 Points to win (each player gets an equal number of turns).

Winner gets the Polydi from each player and all Polydi from the cage.

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Norsemen Polydi toy in Snow 

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Polydi™ has been developed to assist children with learning basic math skills through fun games that reinforce learning. Our collectable Polydi™ toy allows children to develop their knowledge of basic math through play.  Kids enjoy playing Polydi games and will therefore enjoy learning.  You can visit our game rules section to learn about the various math games and non-mathematical games that can be played with the Polydi spinning dice toy.

Polydi will be produced in LIMITED QUANTITIES
Keep an eye open for the
RARE ones.
Good luck collecting them all.

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